Wave Spring Seal (LIE/711)

Wave Spring Seal (LIE/711)

Wave Spring Seal (LIE/711) : This seals are single wave spring has been designed suitable for most general application. These seal can be also used in dirty application as springs clogging do not take a place. These is no sticking or clogging making the design rubbed and reliable. Major advantage of this seal is that it is compact, axial length but no sticking or clogging. It reduced length of seal and no any spring clogging which help for long lasting of seal.

Material Of Construction

  • Sealing faces : Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide , Ceramic
  • Metal Part : S.S 304 , SS 316
  • Secondary Seal : Silicon , Viton ,Neoprene , PTFE

Operating Range

Shaft Diameter 1/2" to 5.0"
Pressure 10 bar
Temperature Up to to + 250oC
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