Ptfe Bellow Seal Type (LIE/707)

Ptfe Bellow Seal Type (LIE/707)

Ptfe Bellow Seal Type (LIE/707): Multi spring externally mounted, non pusher designed, suitable for handling extremely highly corrosive liquids. The contact parts of the fluid is PTFE and GFT composite bellows which are hydraulically balanced. All components which come in contact with the liquid being sealed are made of chemically inert material. The seal has no dynamic elastomers and hence, no fretting damage on the shaft. The rotary face is designed to replace and remove the worn out faces in a very short time and stationary part is designed with two side lapping, So if one lapping face damage , second side lapping can be used. Springs are PTFE coated to withstand corrosion attack from strong acids and hazardous environment.

Material Of Construction

  • Sealing faces : Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide , Ceramic , GFT , CFT , SFT
  • Metal Part : S.S 304 , SS 316 , Hastelloy C , Alloy-20
  • Secondary Seal : PTFE Bellow

Operating Range

Shaft Diameter 1/2" to 8.0"
Pressure 10 bar
Temperature 20oC to +180oC
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