Multi Spring Seal (LIE-701 & LIE/701b)

Multi Spring Seal (LIE-701 & LIE/701b)

Multi Spring Seal (LIE-701 & LIE/701b): Multi spring, pusher type seals in unbalanced and balanced configurations, ensures uniform loading of seal faces and can be mounted internal or external. Most versatile design, high temperature and type LIE/701B most suitable for high pressure. Most of the components are interchangeable between balanced and unbalanced seals. These seal have a cartridge type rotary unit which is compact and easy to install. Maximum compactness design for fitting in shorter and limited space .The rotary unit of multiple spring seal comprises of three pieces namely, compression ring, multiple spring and seal ring. If seal ring damage, it can be easily replaced by new one without changing complete seal housing. Our multiple spring seal has specially designed exposed rotary unit, which helps in cleaning of accumulations around spring when used in dirty fluid. The multiple spring seal is not affected by direction of shaft rotation and is made for heavy duty and high performance. It is most suitable for clear liquid, acidic liquid, lubricating non corrosive liquids, light hydrocarbon, petroleum , pharmaceuticals and chemicals Etc.

Material Of Construction

  • Sealing faces : Carbon, Ceramic (99.5 %), Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Cast Steel & which
  • Elastomer : Viton, EPDM, Silicon, Aflas, PTFE, GFT & Grafoil, Karlez, FEP, TTV
  • Hardware : SS 316, Hastelloy C, Monel, Alloy 20

Operating Range

Capacity : Up to 100 m3/Hr
Head: Up to 200 Meters
Speed : 1450 to 2850 RPM1450 RPM
Pump Size-DN: 19mm To 100mm
Temp: Up to 150° C
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