Metal Bellow Seal (LIE/710)

Metal Bellow Seal (LIE/710)

Metal Bellow Seal (LIE/710) : Metal bellow seals are for high temperature moderate pressure applications pumps. Like chemical, petrochemical, thermic fluid, boilers and refinery process unit, this seals are independence of direction of rotation and suitable for process services requiring corrosion resistance. This bellow seal is designed of Diaphragms type at the edges to form a bellow unit. There is no need of a springs, secondary seal and it provides flexibility to the seal face. This seal is available in two types of elastomer rubber o ring & grafoil to be use in extreme temperature conditions. It is mostly recommended for high temperature liquids , thermic fluid , boilers Refinery , petrochemical ,chemical etc

Material Of Construction

  • Sealing faces : Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide
  • Welded bellow : AM 350
  • Elastomer : Viton, Aflas, Grafoil, Karlez , GFT
  • Hardware : AlSI 316, Carpenter 42

Operating Range

Shaft Diameter 5/8" to 6.0"
Pressure 35 bar
Temperature -70oC to + 450oC
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