Cartridge Mechanical Seal (LIE/706)

Cartridge Mechanical Seal (LIE/706)

Cartridge Mechanical Seal (LIE/706) : Cartridge seals are self-contained units consisting of a shaft sleeve, seal, and gland plate. The unit is fitted onto the pump shaft as a built assembly, so no further setting is required. It is available in single and double form, and the gland plate is often fitted with various tapings to provide for flushing, cooling water injection, and disaster control. It is cartridge construction so easy to install. Springs does not comes in contact with the seal liquid, avoiding jam and erode. It is balanced design with solid type seal face adapt to temperature change, have long life even though in high temperature and high pressure.

Material Of Construction

  • Sealing faces : Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide , Ceramic
  • Metal Part : S.S 304 , SS 316 , Hastelloy C , Alloy-20
  • Secondary Seal : PTFE , VITON , GFT

Operating Range

Shaft Diameter 1 to 8.0"
Pressure 20 bar
Temperature 20oC to +180oC
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