Mechanical Seal - Thermosyphon System (LIE/Ts-713)

Thermosyphon System (LIE/Ts-713)

The LIE/TS-712 performs all the basic functions of a buffer/barrier system for the operation of double seals:

  • To pressurize the buffer chamber
  • Leakage compensation
  • Buffer/barrier fluid is circulated by thermosyphon effect or forced circulation
  • system
  • To cool the seal
  • To selectively absorb product leakage and prevent dry running (tandem
  • ¬†arrangement)
  • Use compressed air or nitrogen for pressurization

With LIE/TS-713 system it is possible to supply buffer/barrier fluid to double and tandem mechanical seals for a broad range of applications. The LIE/TS-713 thermosyphon vessel is available in 2 standard sizes with flat ends, sight-glasses for level monitoring and with or without cooling coil. LIE/TS vessels are equipped as standard with all the necessary system connections and brackets. The modular system allows the LIE/TS-713 vessels to be combined with a wide range of system components such as, e.g. level switch, circulation pump, hand refill pump, thermometer, base frame, Pressure Gauge 0-10, 0-25, 0-40 bar Level Gauge To indicate barrier fluid etc.

Operating Range

Capacity Upto
10 ltrs
Design Pressure
15 bar
Hydraulic Test Pressure
25 bar
Working Temperature (max)
350o C
Heat Transfer area of cooling coil
0.23 m2
Cooling water flow rate recommended
10 ltrs/m

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